Best Places to Learn to Code For Free

Best Places to Learn to Code For Free

Do the costs associated with coding classes prevent you from your desire to learn to code? This article is for you if you think computer science and learning to code might be your thing but aren't ready to spend money on the necessary education/courses. After all, everything is available on the internet and I believe that you shouldn't be forced to pay for education if available for free.

You'll eventually want to enroll in a more in-depth coding course/class if you want to truly master coding skills. This can be free OR paid, totally up to you. You can pick up almost any language and master it just with the amount of free content available online.

The reason why many people (including me) are sometimes inclined towards paid courses is that they are able to get rid of 'tutorial hell' and get a very sorted direction. This is only applicable for a very few courses out there though. I would never recommend a Bootcamp that charges an absurd amount of money while guaranteeing you a job of 'x' amount. It's just them selling dreams to you which is totally wrong in my opinion.

Let's start discovering free resources now -

1. Community Classroom (

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This is one of the best resources for learning Java (DSA) and Docker. I've personally learned quite a bit of both from Kunal Kushwaha, who is the founder of Community Classroom. They recently updated their site with Roadmaps and plan on releasing more courses in the near future which is exciting. It's all for free so you don't have to worry about anything.

2. Codeacademy (

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This site has paid and free courses, both. I would only recommend the free ones as they have free ones for the basics of almost every language. It's a great platform as it lets you practice and writes code yourself on the environment they've set up.

3. freeCodeCamp (

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This is by far one of the most popular platforms to learn to code for free and deserves every right to be so. They have VERY in-depth courses for almost everything. From web design to Python to what not - they have it all. Big up to them and it's one of the platforms that comes highly recommended - doesn't age.

4. Khan Academy (

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Salman Khan founded the non-profit educational institution Khan Academy in the United States in 2008. Its objective is to develop a set of online resources to aid in student education. It has really nice free courses but in my personal opinion, they're more school oriented. It's a great platform though. Definitely recommended.

5. W3Schools (

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One of the largest and most established online schools is W3Schools. If you want to brush up on current education, it's really great.

You can always stay updated on coding & tech with the help of W3Schools, which is full of references and examples. They also have a pretty damn huge video tutorial collection.

If you're just getting started, you can learn a lot from this platform. You will be coding in no time, whether you select HTML & CSS, Javascript, PHP, Python, Java, or any of the many other languages offered.

Note: I'll keep updating the article almost every time I find a good new resource so be assured, you'll know about the best stuff out there!