Why you should work for a startup? [My experience with working remotely for a startup]

Why you should work for a startup? [My experience with working remotely for a startup]

Startups and remote jobs are in trend these days. Startups - more than ever.

It's only natural to think - why the hell should I work for a startup when I can work for an established (stable) company and live a great life?

While working in a very stable company OR in other in many cases, FAANG might be a great option for some... There's a huge disadvantage.

Your growth will be at stake. Most likely suffer.

The majority of the people who work for startups are very interested in growing their skills and personality in a way that they could be a fit for every type of work that comes their way.

Working in a startup is challenging, hard and sometimes exhausts you. Your workload is sometimes very random and a lot of times, you are expected to do things that you weren't hired for.

While a lot of people think of all of this as something negative, I feel this is the stuff that helps you grow.

While you are in your 20s or even 30s, you shouldn't scare off from working more.

Working more != getting exploited

There should, of course, be a lot of boundaries and you shouldn't work in a company that is toxic, unhealthy, and too stressful for you.

Enough of randomly thrown advice and opinions... Let's get a bit systematic now!

You won't feel stagnant/bored with your job

Being a part of a startup has many benefits, one of which is that days are almost never dull or repetitive. This is because there are many tasks that need to be completed as soon as possible, as well as sudden changes that are occurring around new businesses and industries. A startup is a LOT of work. To find out what functions and, more importantly, what does not, experiments are permitted. You'll enjoy the rush of working for a startup if you enjoy high levels of adrenaline while getting the job done. It's almost like completing different challenges in the game - that too random ones that are thrown at you.

More opportunities

There are many duties/tasks that come with working on a startup team. Whatever your position at the company is, knowing that your work will contribute to the expansion and success of the company will motivate you greatly and give you the sense that what you're doing matters. You'll develop self-management skills to prioritize your work and complete tasks because there are so many things to do. If you fit and share the company's vision, a startup is a young business trying to make its own history, and you will have opportunities for career advancement as you'll be able to network with excellent like-minded people & get hands-on experience on how the startup grows.

Explore different cultures and perspectives of life

Teams with a wide range of international backgrounds are common in startups. Mostly because they are remote. You'll work with people of all different nationalities, backgrounds, and ideologies. Your mind can be opened by this vibrantly diverse environment, which goes beyond work and tasks. Additionally, it encourages workers to see the big picture. The world is not limited to your current place of stay.

Better than getting a degree

Colleges don't teach you shit. Exceptions are there, of course, it will be a great experience for you if you're in a tier-1 college or some tier-2s but for the majority, colleges like that are HARD to crack and not everyone has the money to afford them either.

Personal Development


Let's move on to the next and the final part of the article. My experience working remotely for 3+ years. I've worked for two different companies, done freelance and built my own business. I primarily do SEO.

I don't want to make this article super long and boring so here's a summarised list of how I like working remotely

  • It's fun - you get to meet and talk to people from different backgrounds and knowledge sets
  • It's rewarding - the pay is awesome and if you're from a tier-3 country, even better.
  • It helps you grow as a person - my communication and management skills skyrocketed.

I'll keep updating the article from time to time as I recall of more experiences and points but for right now, I think this is enough to give you an idea of what you're in for.